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The Testament of Karma
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"The Sorrow"
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The Final Days
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The Sorrow Film
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KindredQuest, Inc.
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Scions of God
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"The Stranger" Testament of Karma
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Sonny and Khamil "The Final Days"
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Raquel "The Final Days"
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Script Analysis and Screenplay Coverage

We specialize in several different film genres and can assist you in developing concepts that will help build your audience and create in-depth characters. We also offer script editing services for the talented writers who needs a proofreader prior to sending their scripts to agents, festivals, and writing competitions. 


Looking to expand your creative vision? Allow a member of our team to help move your project forward by offering unique ideas that is sure to attract film viewers. 


KindredQuest, Inc. can support you from pre-production to post-production. We can also assist in hiring talent for your film, creating a reasonable budget and obtaining shoot locations. 

Video Editing

Allow us to fulfill all of your Video Editing Needs. From simple Editing to Extensive Motion Graphics, Kindredquest, Inc. can elevate your footage to showcase any stunning video concept. 

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